At the beginning of the year I’ve set myself a goal to pass the Qt Essentials Exam until the end of 2015. The time went by and the end of the year is coming fast — so it’s the high time to start the preparations. I’ve heard the Essentials Exam is rather easy, anyway it’s always good to be well prepared. During my study I want to collect some fundamentals into a set of questions and answers and create an unofficial web Qt Essentials quiz.

Creating the quiz will result in two profits: first, I have no experience with web development, so I will learn some web-basics. Second, more obvious, I will consolidate the knowledge on Qt and dig into things I might have missed during my career.

Quiz requirements:

  1. website of quiz will be done the easiest possible way; with the use of html, css and javascript,
  2. every question will be explained with the proof in form of quotes from literature or Qt docs.

All the questions will be created before I take the Qt Exam – the content of this Exam is of course confidential and I don’t want to take risk that somebody accuses me of inspiration in real questions. Because of that I do not promise that my quiz will guarantee anybody profit during the real exam.

I will publish my quiz once it’s finished.

Follow up

Qt knowledge quiz released